Business Spotlight: The 10th Muse

Business Spotlight: The 10th Muse

Michael and Leah Chitwood

Owner, The 10th Muse

The 10th Muse is a modern women’s fashion boutique specializing in sizes 14-24

Why Did You Choose Downtown Cartersville?

“Aside from our personal affection for our hometown, we think Cartersville has the perfect balance of “hometown feel” while still boosting all of the characteristics of a thriving and progressive city center for those in our area to come and shop, dine and be entertained. Cartersville has a lot to offer.”

What Was Your Inspiration For Starting The 10th Muse?

“The 10th Muse is sort of the child of our original store, Love June Boutique. We started Love June with the intentions of giving all women a place to shop for outfits and accessories they loved at a price they could afford. We quickly realize in order to serve a greater number of beautiful women in our community we would need to offer extended sizes and that is how the 10th Muse was born.”

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Downtown?

“Our favorite thing about downtown is that is has become so relevant in our lives. We love it, we love to drive just a few miles from our home to have a great meal, take the kids for ice cream or a cupcake, see local live music, you name it! Especially in warm weather months, there is always something to get into in downtown.”

What Is One Thing You Want People To Know About The 10th Muse?

“The one thing we would like our customers to know about The 10th Muse is it’s SO much more than clothes. It’s a hopping experience and a place where a woman can come to get the perfect ensemble for everything from a first date to a job interview. Loving the way you look means feeling good and that is what it’s all about, right.”

Where Is Your Favorite Place To Vacation?

“Our favorite vacation spot would probably have to be somewhere at the beach. We love the sun and sand for sure. We could always take a trip to California!”



Shop with the ladies at The 10th Muse at

10 South Wall Street, Cartersville, Georgia | | (678) 719-8891
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