Save the Date for the Third Annual Bluegrass & Folk Festival

Cartersville Downtown Development Authority and Main Street Program is pleased to announce plans for the Third Annual Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival, scheduled for Saturday, October 17, in downtown Cartersville. For the past two years, this event has featured several bands on two stages, a Kids’ Corner, complete with a bounce house, and various games and activities, and has drawn more than 2,000 attendees. The event is free of charge to attend. Last year, Cartersville DDA received the 2014 Award of Association Excellence for having the Best Event with attendance of 2500+ from the Northwest Georgia Historic High Country.

The Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival will be held from 11 AM to 9:00 PM. Cloggers will kick off on the Depot Stage at 11 AM. Held in Friendship Plaza, next to the train depot, the Depot Stage will feature a different band every hour on the half hour. Located in the bay area of the former fire station, the Firehouse Stage will feature a different band at the top of each hour beginning at Noon.

If businesses or individuals are interested in getting involved with the event, sponsors of all levels and volunteers are greatly needed to ensure the success of the Third Annual Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival.

Additional information is available on the website at, or feel free to contact DDA Manager Lillie Read at 770-607-3576.
Be sure to check the website,, often for updates and news on the Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival, or call 770-607-3480.

DDA Board Meeting Minutes May 21, 2015

May 21,2015

Board Members Present: Nancy Jackson, Earline Burke, Lara Jeanneret, Dan Kramer & Maureen Kirkland, Jim Ballew

Board Members Absent: Bill Chandler

Others Present: Dan Porta, Hollie Duncan, Tara Currier, Dwight Hale, Matt Santini

Meeting was called to order by Earline Burke who made a motion to declare an executive session.  Dan seconded; all voted in favor. All regular board business was suspended until after the conclusion of the executive session.

Update on New DDA Manager: Dwight Hale spoke about the amount of applications received, which was between 75-80.  He has narrowed down the applicant pool to 6 potential candidates.  Each candidate was briefly discussed.  Further discussion on the qualifications desired for a candidate took place.

A motion was made to close the executive session and open up regular Board business.

City Council Feedback: Mayor Matt Santini spoke to the Board about what the City Council sees as the objectives and roles of DDA. He addressed the fact that   o many applicati.ons for the Manager Position were indicative of a fact that the DDA has a good engaged Board with established lead  rship and credibility. It was said that the Council would like the DDA to continue on the four patt approach of Outreach,  Design, Promotion and Economic Development as set forth by the Main Street Program.

Other Council feedback mentioned was to continue to grow the Downtown festivals.  To continue to build and sustain economic vitality. To further create a central   pot that foster  a positive and prosperous atmosphere.  To expand on the Farmer’s Market.  To work to obtain a larger volunteer pool and to seek out a Boutique Hotel for the Downtown area.

Financial Report/B.I.D.: Dan Porta and Earline Burk  statted  th  discussion on the ctment budget and gave an overview of the financials.  The  ound system forth  upcoming Pavilion proj  ct will b  paid for with the promotion budget.  The Lake Point advertising campaign has been delayed but is expected to start up soon.  The proposed budget and operating expen es were dis  ussed. The proposed budget does show an increase for the coming year.

Committee Reports:

Outreach: Maureen Kirkland and Jim Ballew plan on working jointly to establish Block Captains. Other plans include adding to the Downtown Awards and giving more accolades and  ·ecognition to deserving businesses.  Maureen attended a Convention and Vi itors Burea u meeting and is excited about future partnership opportunities.  Otb  r futur  efforts includ   a Front Desk Program to keep those working with the public fully aware of all the events and a  tivitie  that are taking place. A private Facebook page for merchants to gather information  and provide feedback was mentioned a  well as a list of areas and communities that would be focused on for increased marketing.

Design: Nancy Jackson and Earline Burke spoke about going forward with the planter boxes for Downtown that mimic the planter in front of 10 S Wall Street.  The Design Meetings will now be held the 2nd Tuesday of the  month at the Bartow History Museum. Lisa Stone is working with the Design Committee to look into plans for Harmony Park.

Promotion: With the Pavilion Project set to begin, First Friday Activities have been suspended  until completion in August.

Economic Development: No report as Bill was absent.

Old Business:

Farmer’s Market  Update: Great things are planned for the Farmer’s Market. The last Saturday of eve1y month asp cia] event will take place and Berry College will be selling cheese. 45 v ndor · are registered.  Chef          emonstrations will hopefuUy take place every Satmday with the potential Chef pool coming from various Downtown businesses, Independent establishments and culina1y  alleges. Wednesday Nights will be open to volunteer musicians.  May 3oth is the kickoff party with a Punch Card incentive for a free gift basket.

Pavilion Update: The latest rendering of the Pavilion was shown.  Construction is set to start soon with a completion date around the beginning of August.

Firehouse Update: Work is being made to get the carpet up to fire code. If progress can’t be made quickly then the carpet will be pulled up and replaced. The end of June is the goal for having the Firehouse ready.

New Business

Elect Committee to Assist with New  Manager Interview Process:  Maureen Kirkland, Nancy Jackson, Earline Burke and Lara Jeanneret were the four people selected to be part ofthe  New Manager Interview Process.  Lara Jeanneret will act as a fill in if needed.

Old Business

Depot Security Cameras: Dan Porta discussed the installation and placement of four security cameras that would be set up on the exterior of the Depot. The project w uld co t around $4,000 and the cost would be offset by the salary saving of the vacant Manager position.  Earline motioned. Lara s  conded and all approved.

Meeting was adjourned. Next regular scheduled meeting June 18, 2015 @ 8:3oam

DDA Board Meeting Minutes April 16, 2015

DDA Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2015

Board Members Present: Nancy Jackson, Earline Burke, Lara Jeanneret, Dan Kramer & Maureen Kirkland

Board Members Absent: Jim Ballew & Bill Chandler

Others Present: Dan Porta and Hollie Duncan

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Jackson. Asked if everyone had reviewed the two previous meetings minutes. Earline made a motion to approve the March 19th minutes; Lara seconded; all voted in favor. Lara made a motion to approve the April 6th special meeting minutes; Earline seconded; all voted in favor.

Financial Report:  Dan Porta discussed the budget and said YTD was still trending and budget looked good at this time.  Dan and Tara had previously talked about installing security cameras.  A $2600 option for cameras that focused on the breezeway and the pavilion were discussed. A maintenance fee of roughly $1200/year would be additional and police would monitor cameras.  Discussion of manager’s salary initially offsetting the startup cost.  Locks were changed and deadbolts were added to the Welcome Center.

B.I.D.:  Earline spoke with the mayor about the board wanting clarification on the expected roles of the DDA.  The mayor will attend the next board meeting to discuss the issue.  Earline discussed an overview of the General Funds on reserve balance.  Spending in line with the ratios placed on the budget, the board discussed purchasing a sound system for the proposed pavilion as part of downtown promotion and certain fees associated with the pavilion would fall under Admin.  Other promotion talk centered on a billboard and the downtown Wi-Fi.

Committee Reports:

Outreach: Maureen has been actively utilizing and other avenues to find out what other towns are doing.  She is planning on attending the CVB meeting next Tuesday and also has a meeting scheduled with Diane from the Cobb CVB to chat about building relationships with other areas and their squares.  Earline offered to supply a list of previous block captains and brought up the Main Street pamphlet that may be of use.  Dan advised that accolades and certificates should be provided for years in service and other contributions that deserve recognition.  Lara talked about her Main Street conference session that focused on the annual awards ceremony and how it was utilized as a great tool for certain communities.

Design:  A partnership with Keep Bartow Beautiful was discussed for the planter project.  $1,500 more are needed to get to the $3,000 amount to complete the project.  The Founders Oak project was put on hold for future budgeting.  The Design meetings will now be held the 2nd Tuesday of the Month @9:00am at the Bartow History Museum.

Promotion:  Meetings have been moved to the 2nd Friday of every month to better allow for First Friday planning.  Hollie talked about the May First Friday and getting clues for the scavenger hunt.  Several names were given of people that would be of help in creating the clues.  Ladies Fitness will be doing a demonstration that night and the Bartow History Museum has kids activities planned.  Coconuts is planning to be on site for refreshments. 

Economic Development:  No report as Bill was absent.

Other Committee Reports:

Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee:  The flyer has been designed.  Hollie talked about themed events like the Tomato and Zucchini Festivals. She will begin planning on those soon. Punch Cards are in the works for the Farmer’s Market.  $100 cards are broken into $5 increments and are good for an entire month.  Talk of an early market that would capitalize on live plants and crafts was mentioned.

Bluegrass & Folk Festival Committee:  Praise was given to the Bluegrass Festival as it was recently awarded as the Best Event in NW Georgia with attendance over 2,500 by the HHCTA. Hollie and Lara will be doing an interview at WBHF about the award. For 2015, many of the bands have been decided on but sponsorship is still greatly needed.  The $1500 vehicle sponsor is claimed but the Kid’s Area Sponsor has backed out pending approval of the new DDA manager.  The stages have been officially named the Depot Stage and the Firehouse Stage.  All non-headlining bands will be paid a uniform fee of $200. Headliners and possibly headliners will be paid more. Jamie Henderson was acknowledged as a huge help and a great positive force on the committee.

Old Business

Discussion of Vision/Mission Statements:  Discussion was tabled until a further date.

Update on Lease Agreement & Intergovernmental Agreement/Meeting with City:  The mayor will be attending the next DDA Board meeting.

May 19th Meet and Greet:  Invitations have been approved. With the venue not holding more than 60 people the discussion on who to invite was brought up and will be soon finalized.

New Business

Update Banner Policy:  Earline is working on updating the existing policy to include a permit that must be submitted for approval.  Fees were discussed.  A proposed $25.00 fee for Non-Profit Groups that would be returned with a timely removal of the banner (3 days).    A proposed $50.00 non-refundable fee would be charged for banners of For-Profit business.  Discussion of the fees for downtown businesses was tabled for further discussion.

Elect Committee to Assist with New Manager Interview Process:  60-70 applications have been received for the DDA Manager position.  Once the applicants are narrowed down to a select group then the DDA will set a meeting to discuss who from the board will sit in on the interview process.  A new manager should be named sometime in June.

Manager, Special Event Coordinator & Welcome Center Report:  Hollie reported that she will help continue the two radio slots per month.   It was suggested that different people fill in on occasion and help promote various activities. Hollie and Cindy will jointly help with the Farmer’s Market and other tasks until a new manager is named.

Other Business:  Welcome Center hours were mentioned. Upon analyzing statistics from the Welcome Center, a plan of action will be discussed as to whether changing the days and hours is necessary.   

Meeting was adjourned. Next regular scheduled meeting May 21, 2015 @ 8:30am.

Welcome Center Closed on July 3rd

The Downtown Cartersville Welcome Center will be closed Friday, July 3rd. All other city offices will also be closed on this day.

History of Old Car City



On Thursday, June 25, at 7:00 p.m., Bartow History Museum welcomes guest speaker Jeff Lewis.  Lewis will discuss Old Car City, billed as the world’s largest known classic car junkyard, located in White, Georgia. The business began as a family car dealership in 1931, and is still family owned and operated.

Lewis will talk about the history of Old Car City, his family, and their love of old cars.  Over the years, the Lewis family has collected over 4,000 vehicles which are situated along 6 miles of trails covering 34 acres of land.  Visitors to Old Car City are treated to classic cars, beautiful vegetation, folk art, and more.

The Evening Lecture will take place at the Bartow History Museum located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  Parking is available next to the building.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members. For more information on this and other Bartow History Museum programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

Adairsville’s African American History

On Wednesday, June 17, at noon, Bartow History Museum welcomes guest speaker Ahmad Hall.  Hall will discuss the life of his great, great grandfather, William Arthur Butler.  Butler moved to Adairsville, Georgia during Reconstruction in the late 1800s and became one of the first black business owners in the area.

Butler was a shoe maker and owned a shoe shop on the Adairsville square.  He also married into the Harris family, who themselves were prominent in the area, with members serving as the first black doctor in the area and helping to build the Noble Hill School.

Born and raised in Adairsville, Mr. Hall has been researching the history of his family and their place in Bartow County history for much of his life.  In addition to researching his family history, Hall is an accomplished musician and has worked with Grammy award winning artists.  Throughout his research, he continues to be amazed at the things he learns about them and the roles they played in the county’s history.  He will tell about his great, great grandfather’s story, as well as, the stories of other family members.

The Lunch & Learn will take place at the Bartow History Museum located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  Parking is available next to the building.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members. For more information on this and other museum programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

Farmer’s Market Kick-off Day & Plant Sale

farmers flyer

Preservation of Bartow County’s Historic Cemeteries

In recognition of Historic Preservation Month, the Bartow History Museum welcomes Vickie Crowe, CEO of Bartow Ancestors, Inc., as speaker at the upcoming Lunch & Learn program on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at noon.  Crowe’s topic will be the preservation of Bartow County’s historic cemeteries.

For years, the month of May has been designated as Historic Preservation Month, and organizations are encouraged to highlight the historic preservation efforts taking place in their community.  Crowe will discuss cemetery cleaning and preservation efforts, as well as, put faces and stories to the people buried in some of Bartow’s historic cemeteries.

The Bartow Ancestors Cemetery Fund was started in 2014 by members of Bartow Ancestors, Inc. after research into the families and individuals buried in the county cemeteries.  This group noticed that some of these cemeteries suffered from neglect and wanted to do something to preserve and maintain these important links to our past.  So far, the group has worked in the Chitwood and Goodsen cemeteries, and they have identified at least 10 other that need immediate attention as volunteers and funds allow.

Lunch & Learn will take place on May 20, at noon.  Guests are invited to bring a lunch and the doors will open at 11:45 a.m.    The Bartow History Museum is located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members.  For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6288 or visit our website at

Welcome Center to be Closed Next Week

The Downtown Cartersville Welcome Center will be closed next week, Tuesday-Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Covered Pavilion in Friendship Plaza

Cartersville DDA announces no June or July First Friday in 2015

CARTERSVILLE- Cartersville Downtown Development Authority and Main Street Program is pleased to announce the construction that will be taking place beginning in June on a new covered pavilion in Friendship Plaza. The construction will take 6-8 weeks to complete, thus there will be no First Friday in June or July.

The new, covered pavilion that is to be constructed this summer in Friendship Plaza will be located where the current 20 x 20’ platform sits beside the depot. In its place, the new 20 x 24’, covered pavilion will mimic the look of the 1854 Western Atlantic Depot, and will provide a needed amenity downtown allowing for various performances to be held year round. The City of Cartersville and Cartersville DDA have contracted with Haigler Systems Architecture and Pennant Construction on the project. The pavilion is being paid for through funds of the Business Improvement District.

To stay up to date on details of future First Friday events and concerts on the new covered pavilion, check out the Cartersville Downtown Facebook page and website at