Applications Now Being Accepted for Downtown Development Authority Manager

City of Cartersville

Downtown Development Manager

The City of Cartersville has immediate need for a Downtown Development Manager to provide leadership and direction for the City’s downtown development/revitalization and Main Street Programs. This position is responsible for managing the City’s downtown development program and Main Street Program, including business development/recruitment, existing business outreach, marketing/promotional initiatives, etc., in coordination with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Board and Cartersville City Manager.

This position requires:

• Bachelor’s degree: Business Administration, Public Administration, Economic Development, Marketing and/or equivalent experience.
• 3 years’ prior experience in a leadership/supervisory role/position involving supervision/direction of paid and voluntary staff in a public or non-profit organization, preferably in DDA, Historic Preservation, Main Street revitalization focus.
• 3-5 years’ experience in leadership role with Downtown Development Organization, especially in supervising/developing staff/employees.
• Ability to build strong organizational teams, both with internal and external stake holders.
• Skill in developing relationships with existing/potential membership, staff, local/state officials, and elected officials.
• Demonstrated ability to procure grants, donations, and other funding necessary to successfully accomplish Downtown Goals/objectives.
• Ability to develop budgets and ensure financial accountability.
• Excellent written/verbal presentation skills, especially in promotion of special events.
• Ability to develop/implement strategies to accomplish organizational vision and directives from DDA Board and City Manager.
• Demonstrated ability to use business/office software, especially Microsoft Office software and other software related to Downtown business and economic development.

Position responsibilities:

• Provide leadership/direction for Cartersville Downtown Development in implementing/completing all short/long term/strategic plans, programs, projects, initiatives, etc.
• Implement vision/initiatives/strategies in coordination with Cartersville City Manager and DDA Board.
• Coordinate initiatives with allied organizations, including Cartersville-Bartow Joint Development Authority, Cartersville-Bartow County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Cartersville/Bartow Chamber of Commerce, City of Cartersville Departments, etc.
• Develop processes to meet the needs of Downtown businesses and stakeholders.
• Develop annual budget for the DDA in coordination with DDA Board, City Director of Finance, and City Manager, ensuring financial accountability.
• Direct professional/paid and volunteer staff.
• Build strong relationships with appropriate local, state, federal agencies and allied organizations.
• Serve as DDA representative to DDA Board Meetings and other organizations/entities as directed/required.
• Develop/present information/data in monthly report format to update City Manager and DDA Board regarding all activity and results.

Compensation: Base salary plus excellent benefits package.

Qualified individuals interested in applying for this position should forward resume by April 17, 2015 to: or fax: 770-386-5685.

March 2015 Cartersville Farmer’s Market Meeting Minutes

2015 Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee
March 19, 2015
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Nancy Jackson; Sheri Peeples; Mona Lewis; Jenny Gilbert; Brandi Walls; Linda Roth; Hollie Duncan; Cindy Smith; and Tara Currier

February Minutes
Tara asked everyone review the minutes from February.

Items in Progress:
– Flyer: Hollie shared the flyer she has created for the Farmer’s Market. These can be distributed anywhere vendors/committee members are able.
– Incentive Program for Shoppers: It was decided that Punch Cards, similar to what DDA does for downtown retailers, may be the best option. A card will be created with 20, $5 circles. For every $5 a shopper spends, the vendor will mark through one of the circles. Once the card has been filled (i.e. the shopper has spent $100 at the Farmer’s Market), s/he may turn the card in to one of the Advisory Committee members. A drawing will be held once per month. Vendors will be asked to donate one item each month for the basket.
– Meeting with Downtown Restaurants: Dozie and Tara will lead a meeting with downtown restaurants on Wednesday, April 15, at 2 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to try and get more participation from the restaurants at the Farmer’s Market, and discuss how restaurants may be able to purchase excess product from vendors.

Set Dates for Events:
– Zucchini Festival: Saturday, June 27th
Categories to include: Biggest Zucchini; Most Unusual Zucchini; Best Zucchini Dish.
Could also ask vendors to donate small zucchinis and allow kids to paint them; winner for “best decorated.”
– Tomato Festival: Saturday, July 25th
Categories: Biggest Tomato; Ugliest Tomato; Prettiest (most vibrant color); Best Tasting.
Will ask vendors to donate tomatoes, and DDA staff will provide bread and mayonnaise and make sandwiches.
– Friday, August 7, is “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” First Friday
Vendors are encouraged to set up for this event.
– September Canning Demonstration. It was suggested Lisa Fowler be contacted regarding this and to set a date.

Other Items to Discuss?
Tara inquired where the best location for porta potties would be. DDA board is considering renting a handicap unit and regular unit to be placed downtown for the duration of the Farmer’s Market season (June – September). Under the Bridge was deemed the best location.
Tara also asked that Advisory Committee help with the parking overflow rules. Vendors should only park outside of the Founder’s Oak parking area if there are NO remaining spaces in that lot.
In closing, Jenny suggested arranging a late April/early May plant sell. Tara will contact Paul Pugliese regarding this idea.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting, Thursday, April 23, 4 PM. Cartersville Train Depot.

March 2015 Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartersville Bluegrass & Festival Committee
March 9, 2015 at 8:30 AM
Meeting Minutes

Attending: Tara Currier, Lara Jeanneret, Hollie Duncan, Maureen Kirkland, Rick McKee, Dan Kramer, Jamie Henderson, Graham Robertson, and Regina Wheeler

Ideas on Bands/ Musical Acts:
Tara asked what the committee thought about going ahead and contacting the bands the committee members has agreed on from last year to pencil us in their schedules for this year. The committee agreed that this was a good idea. Tara discovered that the Steel Drivers charge $7500 to perform, so that is out of the committee’s budget. However, Mountain Heart charges $4000, which is more in the committee’s price range. (They would also require hotel accommodations and meals). They will be considered as the Bluegrass & Folk Festival’s headliner.

Update on Alcohol Vendor:
Tara informed the committee that she talked with a representative from Eagle Rock who said that since this is the first time allowing alcohol at the Bluegrass & Folk Festival, Eagle Rock will not be a sponsor. However, they will possibly provide a donation of beer.

Review Vendor Applications:
It was decided that Main Stage vendors would have to be at the festival until 9 PM, and Founder’s vendors would stay until 7 PM. Lara suggested adding in a map of Friendship Plaza and Founder’s Oak Park to allow potential vendors to see where vendor locations would be in comparison to the two stages. Any alcohol vendor will have to pay for special event insurance and obtain a state permit if they plan to serve alcohol.

Sponsorships and Fundraising:
Maureen suggested Lara do a quick design stating: “Now Accepting Sponsorships” for online sites. Lara agreed that this was a great idea. Maureen also suggested that we set up a “” to inspire the community to help fund the Bluegrass & Folk Festival. Tara informed the committee that Williamson Bros BBQ has already expressed interest in being a 2015 food vendor.

Other Items to Discuss:
Jamie suggested talking to some of the vendors/sponsors/bands from the Raccoon Creek Bluegrass Festival to see if any of them would be interested in participating in the Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be held Monday, April 13th at 8:30 AM.

March 2015 DDA Board Meeting Minutes

DDA Board Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2015

Board Members Present: Nancy Jackson, Earline Burke, Lara Jeanneret, Dan Kramer, Maureen Kirkland and Bill Chandler

Board Members Absent: Jim Ballew

Others Present: Dan Porta, Kari Hodge, Hollie Duncan and Tara Currier

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Jackson. Nancy thanked Dan Kramer for the beautiful clock he has loaned DDA, which was hung prominently in the board room.

Nancy asked if everyone had reviewed the February meeting minutes. Earline made a motion to approve; Lara seconded; all voted in favor.

Financial Report: Tara shared the working budget to date, as well as the timeframe for the budget schedule due to the City for approval/Council adoption. Tara shared that though the initial budget is due to Tom Rhinehardt on Friday, April 3, she notified him on March 18 that the deadline would not be met. She and Earline have been working on the budget, but need more clarification from the City Manager and Mayor on how funds will be handled moving forward, so that the proposed budget can be completed. The hope is to arrange a meeting the week of April 6.

B.I.D.: Earline updated everyone on the current B.I.D. budget. The beginning balance has been corrected by the City to reflect the true amount, which is actually $86,902.26. Earline then brought up discussion of how to handle the $70,000+ reserve balance. Tara will contact City Attorney for feedback.
– Once clarification from City Attorney has been received, Tara will prepare a packet mailing to property owners to include an update on expenditures for FY 2014-2015, and a proposed budget for FY 2015-2016.

Committee Reports:
A. Outreach:
• Nothing to report.
B. Design:
• The minutes from the recent Design Committee meeting were shared with the board. Earline touched on the minutes briefly, and asked if the board had any objection to declining the offer of the caboose Greg Anderson with Parks & Recreation was willing to give DDA. There were no objections, due to the high cost involved with renovating the caboose and moving to downtown. Tara will notify Greg of the board’s decision.
C. Promotions:
• Lara reviewed the minutes from the most recent Promotions Committee meeting, which were provided to board members.
D. Economic Development:
• Bill touched on the highlights from the recent meeting, of which minutes were provided to the board. There are three new members of the committee, bringing the total to 6, plus Bill and Tara. The committee reviewed the notes from the recent board training, and amended the 2015 goals for the year.

Other Committee Reports:
Tara shared committee minutes from the Cartersville Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee and Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival Committee.
– In regard to the Bluegrass Festival, Tara inquired what the board’s thoughts were on creating a GoFund me account to allow those interested to give smaller amounts (than available through sponsorship packet) towards bringing the festival to downtown. Board asked that Tara prepare additional information about the logistics of how that would work, including cost(s) involved, and share at the next meeting.
– Tara then shared the proposed Vendor Application and asked for feedback. After much discussion, it was decided that downtown businesses should have the first opportunity to apply for vendor space. Tara will create a separate application for downtown businesses. Board agreed that food vendors should pay DDA 10% of their total sales from the festival; and alcohol vendors should pay 15% of total sales.
– For the outside downtown vendors, application fees will remain as Tara presented, with the addition of the 10% total sales to DDA for restaurants and 15% total sales for alcohol vendors.

Old Business:
A. Wyoming Main Street Visit/Board Assignments: Tara shared the draft of the schedule for the Wyoming Main Street visit on March 28. All board members are asked to participate and lead small group tours.
B. Discussion of Vision/Mission Statements: Nancy asked if everyone had given thought/prepared potential statements. Dan Kramer read aloud ideas he had, followed by Nancy and Tara. Discussion of other ideas took place. It was suggested that everyone email their thoughts/ideas to Tara, who will assemble everything in a singular document, and distribute to the board for further discussion at next meeting.

New Business:
A. Review/Approval of Lease Agreement and Intergovernmental Agreement: No additional comments or objections to the documents were made. Earline suggested that the board wait to sign off on each document, until after the meeting with City Manager and Mayor.
B. Election of Officers: Nancy shared Jim’s desire to postpone election of officers due to his absence. Board members agreed to wait, and discussion on restructuring committees, and how the board would like to move forward with their organization took place. A separate meeting to discuss committee structure and the election of officers was set for Monday, April 6, 2015, at 11 AM, at the train depot.
C. May 19th Meet and Greet: Tara shared that Robert Adams has agreed to hold a Meet & Greet at his home on May 19th. This could be used as recruiting event for additional volunteers and committee members. Board agreed that everyone could be responsible for bringing 2 people to the event, and that HPC and a few other targeted individuals would be invited. To save on using DDA funds, board and staff will each donate a bottle of wine or beer for the event. Robert and Mrs. Kramer will provide food.
D. Reports: Tara briefly highlighted the staff reports.
E. Other Business: Tara asked for direction on a few, recently suggested ideas and thoughts.

ADJOURN: Next meetings – Called Meeting: Monday, April 6, at 11 AM
Regular Meeting: Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 8:30 AM.

March 2015 Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartersville Downtown Development Authority
Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Attending: Bill Chandler, DDA Board/Edward Jones; Carrie Barnes, Georgia EMC; Saunders Jones, III, Century Bank; Kathy Hall, Cartersville-Bartow Chamber of Commerce; Frank Kenney, Mellow Mushroom; Tara Currier, DDA
A. Welcome:
Bill called the order to meeting.

B. Overview of Committee:
Tara shared a brief overview of the purpose of the committee, due to a few new members recently joining. As follow up, Tara will send the complete 2015 Main Street Work Plan to the committee for their review, as well as the Parking Analysis completed in 2014; an electronic copy of the Guide to Starting a Business in Downtown Cartersville; and the Downtown Master Plan.

C. Strengths/Opportunities of Committee:
Bill reviewed the current Main Street Work Plan for Economic Development, and then the notes from the recent board retreat. It was suggested that some of the items already completed on the Main Street Work Plan be removed and new goals for 2015 be established based on the retreat notes and committee input.
– After reviewing the items, the committee decided to update the 2015 Economic Development Main Street Work Plan to reflect the following:
1. Targeted Recruitment to Vacant Sites/Buildings
2. Offer co-op advertising
3. Utilize the “Cash Mob” concept
4. Collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce to host workshops/seminars to better equip existing downtown business owners
– In review/discussion of these items, Carrie suggested a CBDG grant be considered for the Main Street water line that needs to be replaced. (Improving aging infrastructure downtown would be a key element in the targeted recruitment to vacant sites/buildings.) Tara will schedule a meeting soon with Carrie and City Water Director Bob Jones.
– It was also suggested that a more detailed list of available properties be acquired. This includes specs, and what utilities/infrastructure are currently available. Tara will work to get some information gathered before the next meeting.
D. Other Items to Discuss?
– Though the “continue to investigate ways to improve parking downtown” was removed from the Work Plan, Tara pointed out that way-fining signage is on the Design Committee Work Plan for 2015. Carrie suggested that sandwich boards be purchased that could be placed around downtown on weekend/during special events directing people to available parking. Tara will look into cost.
E. Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting April 8 at 4 PM.

March 2015 Design Committee Meeting Minutes

Design Committee Meeting
March 12, 2015

Present: Earline Burke, Trey Gaines, Nancy Jackson, Lisa Stone, Hollie Duncan, Tara Currier, and Tommy Sanders

Founder’s Oak/ Fountain area of Master Design Plan
Earline asked if there are utilities available to make these changes. Tommy says we can tear stuff up fairly cheaply. Grading would be needed on the right side of fountain as there is about a 3-4 ft. drop. Tommy informed the committee that on street parking is no longer allowed, and he is not crazy about one row of parking. He recommends doing only half green space in order to maximize efficient parking spaces to green space ratio. Earline asked what the next step from here is to accomplish this project. The committee likes Tommy’s idea, because it is the most efficient use of space. Tommy suggests contacting Valerie for grant input. Irrigation would be needed. Tommy will have to see what kind of sod to get, considering the shading in this area.
Tara volunteered to Photoshop the new concept the committee has agreed on to present to city council. Tommy thinks the committee could accomplish this project for less than $10,000.00.

BID Funds Updated
Earline went into detail about the B.I.D. budget, and each of the line items, including what she had updated. The corrected balance is $86,902.

Planters on Wall Street
Funding for project is $3000. Earline suggests utilizing the GoFundMe online campaign, BID reserve, and/or Garden Council or Georgia funds. The committee would like to recommend to DDA board the finishing all of the planters on Wall Street.

Arts and Crafts Markets
Earline informed the committee that ideally she would like to have the artist database set up and artists rent out space and do their own art shows so that the DDA is not responsible for the market. Lisa will contact Mary Thornton from Rome’s Market to inquire about their ordinance. Lisa shared with us a TRED invitation, and suggested we look into Bonner students, art shows, and internship possibilities for volunteers. The committee wants volunteers for coordination, media and advertising, and artist database. Tara will tweak the Art Market application. The committee discussed what they would charge, and agreed on $100.00 per season.

Pavilion Project
Tara informed the committee that once the project is started, it will take three months to complete. The committee agrees that nothing should be done with the green space discussed earlier until after the pavilion project has been completed.

Caboose Project
Earline informed the committee that she confirmed that the paint used on the caboose contains lead, which will cause problems in the future and cost us more money.

Caboose Proposal
Earline asked the committee if they want to do fundraisers and continue moving forward with this plan or put it to the side for now, and potentially come back to it later. The committee jointly agreed to drop this plan.

Grants approved from BID Funds
The committee will continue to research grants.

Parking limit signs to be removed (Ordinance has to be updated/will have two 15 minute signs)
The committee agrees to get more signs that state “Public Parking”.

Design Committee 2015 Goals Review
The committee reviewed the 2015 Design Committee Goals and jointly agreed to add “Complete Planters” to the tasks and goals on the work plan.

Meeting Schedule for balance of 2015
Earline asked if all committee members were pleased with how our meetings are scheduled and set up now or if they would like to begin having meetings every other month and/or at different times/days. Lisa pointed out that we have a lot going on right now, so she thinks we should continue having monthly meetings. The committee agreed and decided on changing the meeting times to 3 PM instead of 2 PM on the second Thursday of every month.

Items of interest
The committee agrees to aim to have the Sidewalk Chalk competition in Fall 2015 instead of Spring 2015.
Follow up with City about tearing down Dentist Office.

Will be doing joint advertising with CVB at LakePoint

Bluegrass Festival Planning underway- sign up for committees or sponsorship

Next meeting: Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 3 PM at Bartow History Museum.

March 2015 Promotions Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartersville Downtown Development Authority Promotions Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 5, 2015
Attending: Lara Jeanneret, Hollie Duncan, Tara Currier, Deborah Ballew, Nancy Jackson, Dan Kramer, Vincent Wile, Lindale Rogers, Richard Osborne

March First Friday:
Hollie shared that only 6 XL t-shirts and tickets are remaining, which means this will be a sold out event. The committee is anticipating this to be a great night for everyone involved.
Spring Punch Card Campaign:
Lara demonstrated how the punch card campaign works. For every $10 a shopper spends from the March First Friday to the April First Friday, they will get a punch/initial on their punch card. For every $100 they spend, their card will be filled up and they will get their name entered into a drawing to win the Spring Gift Basket. Various businesses have already donated, and some have committed to donating something to the basket.

March Fashion Show:
Hollie shared that nine businesses will be participating in this year’s Fashion Show on March 27th. Fusion Dance Company will be kicking it off with a performance at 5:30 PM, and the Fashion Show will begin at 6 PM. The Tom and Chad Show will be the DJ for the evening. Dan shared that last year, a table was set up to enter into drawings to win door prizes. However, entrants had to be present to win. It will be done the same way this year, too.
2015 Bluegrass Festival:
Lara recapped how well the first Bluegrass Committee meeting went and reminded everyone that the next committee meeting will be held Monday, March 9th. The committee will be discussing bands, specifically headliner options, and distributing various duties to individuals in order to not put so much work on Tara this year.
Annual Banquet: Tara and Hollie shared that 43 attendees have RSVP’d for the Annual Banquet held at Louie’s Café next Thursday, March 12th. Lara mentioned how Tara will be discussing all the great things that the DDA has accomplished the past year, and the Board will be handing out awards. The banquet begins at 5:30 PM.

Push Notifications Proposal:
Tara shared the “’Push’ Notification Guidelines for Downtown Businesses” letter. The mobile app listing all downtown retailers, eateries, and attractions has push notification capabilities. For businesses to take advantage of this, it will be $25 each. Tara inquired whether the committee thought this was too much or too little to ask of the businesses. Dan said he thought it was a good amount and that he would be interested. Deborah could not get Meg Pie or Olive Branch to show up on her phone, so Lara and Tara are going to follow up and see about fixing this glitch.

National Historic Preservation Month:
Lara and Tara talked about how fun the Scavenger Hunt was last year. Participation in the event was very low, however. It was discussed that maybe the time frame in which the scavenger hunt takes place be extended this year. Tara suggested up to two weeks, but any longer, and DDA staff may run into the problem of being overwhelmed with too many participants. Richard from the Historic Preservation Commission shared with the committee what the Historic Preservation Commission does and what it is all about. He mentioned that May is National Historic Preservation Month, and he would like if HPC and the DDA could partner up and work on things together.

Petty Cab Service:
It was shared by Go Green ECO, a petty cab company, exactly what a petty cab is and how they would advertise for businesses, which is how they make most of their money. The cost to use the petty cab service is by tip only. The service would only take place in the Downtown District. They will be testing out the waters at the Pub Crawl tomorrow and will advertise a Pub Crawl poster on the back of the petty cab for the DDA for free this time.

Lara inquired about how everyone would feel about changing our meeting days to Friday, so collectively the committee decided that the third Friday would work well.
Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be held Friday, April 17, 2015, at 8:30am.

Spring Special with LIVE Bunnies!


April 3rd, 4th & 6th

Packages range from $85 – $185

By appointment only!

Tonsmeire Studio



Louis Tonsmeire Jr.


29 N. Wall Street      Cartersville, Ga 30120



History of Rich’s Department Store @ Bartow History Museum


On Thursday, March 26, at 7:00 p.m., Bartow History Museum welcomes guest speaker Jeff Clemmons, author of Rich’s: A Southern Tradition.  Clemmons, a native of Alabama, has lived and worked in the Atlanta area for 29 years.  In addition to his historic research and career in public relations, he creates and leads tours for the Atlanta Preservation Center.

For nearly 138 years, Rich’s grew to become a treasured establishment in Atlanta and beyond.  What began as a small dry goods store would become a retail giant consisting of numerous stores, bakeries, boutiques, schools, a foundation, and more.  Clemmons will discuss the rich history of Rich’s including the store, Penelope Penn, Fashionata, The Great Tree, the Pink Pig, Rich’s famous coconut cake, Richway, and how events at the downtown store helped John F. Kennedy become the 35th president.

Rich’s: A Southern Tradition will soon enter its 4th printing in just over two years.  It also led to a six-month exhibit called “Return to Rich’s: The Story Behind the Store” at Atlanta’s Bremen Museum in 2013-2014.  Following the lecture, Clemmons will sign copies of his book which will be available in the museum Gift Shop.

The Evening Lecture will take place at the Bartow History Museum located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  Parking is available next to the building.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members. For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

Rosie the Riveter: Women in World War II


Rosie the Riveter: Women in World War II


Bartow History Museum welcomes Dr. Julia Brock, Director of Interpretation, at the Museum of History & Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University, as speaker at the upcoming Lunch & Learn program on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, at noon.  Brock will discuss the role of women in World War II.

Now through March 28, the Bartow History Museum is hosting the Museum of History and Holocaust Education’s traveling exhibit “Beyond Rosie: Women in World War II.”  The exhibit pays homage to the service and experiences of women during wartime.  Rosie the Riveter continues to be a symbol of the watershed moment that the war provided for women.  Dr. Brock, who served as co-curator of the exhibit, will speak about women’s role in the war, as well as the creation of the exhibit.

Guests at the program will also have the opportunity to meet and hear from “Rosie” Jane Tucker, a member of the Rome chapter of the American Rosie the Riveter Association.  Tucker will talk about her own experiences living and working during the 1940s.

Lunch & Learn will take place on March 18, 2015, at noon, and guests are invited to bring a lunch.  Bartow History Museum is located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members.  For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at