February 2015 Cartersville DDA Board Meeting Minutes

DDA Board Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2015

Board Members Present: Nancy Jackson, Earline Burke, Lara Jeanneret, Jim Ballew and Bill Chandler

Board Members Absent: Dan Kramer

Others Present: Dan Porta, Kasey Brown, Hollie Duncan and Tara Currier

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Jackson. Nancy asked if everyone had reviewed the January meeting minutes. Earline made a motion to approve; Lara seconded; all voted in favor.

Financial Report: Tara shared the working budget to date. Though over in Professional Services lines, legal fees and building and grounds, revenues from special events offset much of the Professional Services items. Dan Porta suggested that Tara contact Gloria Graham in accounting to review the bills from Archer & Lovell and see what, exactly, has been charged to DDA.

B.I.D.: Earline shared that as she and Tara were working on the Report of Authority Finances due to DCA, an error in the B.I.D. beginning balance was noted. The beginning balance reflects the July 1, 2013, balance, not the July 1, 2014, balance. The July 1, 2014, beginning B.I.D. balance should be $86, 902, meaning the ending fund balance is $87,943, versus $71,381.17 reflected on the Monthly Financial Report. Tara will follow up with City CFO to correct this typo.

Committee Reports:
A. Outreach:
• Jim shared his desire to establish block captains.
B. Design:
• Earline shared that though the committee did not meet in February, she has been working on the Art Market Ordinance, and plans to get with Tara soon on creating an application to accept art/craft vendors in conjunction with the Cartersville Farmer’s Market. Also, Anthony with Trees Unlimited has been contacted and will be pruning all the trees in the planters downtown within the next few weeks.
C. Promotions:
• Lara reviewed the minutes from the most recent Promotions Committee meeting, which were provided to board members. Highlights included that the new, event rack cards are completed; coloring sheets have been distributed to downtown restaurants and other businesses; and the Bluegrass Festival Committee is off to a good start.
• Tara shared that the May First Friday sponsor has pulled out due to uncertainty of use of Friendship Plaza (because of new pavilion construction), and Fire House Gallery.
D. Economic Development:
• Bill shared that though the committee did not meet in February, there are two new members: Kathy Hall, of the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce, and Saunders Jones, III, of Century Bank of Georgia. Also, the committee meeting time has been changed to 4 PM on the first Wednesday of each month.

Other Committee Reports:
Tara shared committee minutes from the Cartersville Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee and Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival Committee. Also, in regard to the Bluegrass Festival, Robert Loehr has confirmed to be the Vehicle Sponsor for the 2015 event.

Old Business:
A. Annual Meeting – Awards: The awards for the annual banquet have been ordered. Tara is following up with award recipients to ensure their presence at the event.
B. Removal of Downtown Time Limit Parking Signs: Tara shared that a memo regarding the board’s desire to remove all downtown, time limit parking signs, except for two areas of 15 minute limited parking, was shared with Mayor and Council on February 19. No questions were asked. Dan Porta will work on a draft of the ordinance, which will need to be reviewed by other Department Heads and City Manager for comments, before adding to Council agenda.

New Business:
A. Wyoming Main Street Visit/Board Assignments: Tara shared the draft of the schedule for the Wyoming Main Street visit on March 28. All board members are asked to participate and lead small group tours.
B. Pavilion: An official vote to approve the contract with Ron Goss, Jr. of Pennant Construction to oversee the construction of the pavilion in Friendship Plaza was taken. Bill Chandler motioned for the approval; Earline seconded; and all voted in favor. Ron has reviewed the proposals from the two architects which submitted for the job. Bill motioned to approve Jim Haigler; Lara seconded; and all voted in favor. A contract with Jim Haigler will be drafted and will need to be submitted to City Council, as the contract with Ron was, since the project is on City property.
C. Approval of Retreat Minutes: The minutes from Josephine Kelly, who led the board retreat on February 6, were shared with the board. Earline made a motion to approve the minutes; Bill seconded; and all voted in favor.
D. Other: Kasey Brown of Fusion Dance Company walked into meeting, and Nancy asked that she address the board. Kasey has booked the Grand Theatre for two performances on Saturday, June 6, and requested that no car show, or other event, be allowed to reserve Founder’s Oak parking lot. Lara shared that there was concern in setting a precedent for allowing downtown businesses to reserve parking for special events, but that if Kasey was willing to have an event that day, she could of course complete the Special Event Application to reserve that parking lot for that day.
E. Board Appointment: Those who sat in on interviews discussed each board applicant with the rest of the directors. All applicants were well qualified and will be great assets to the DDA. Lara motioned to recommend Maureen Kirkland; Bill seconded; and all voted in favor. Board members then discussed reaching out to all other applicants to get them involved on other committees of the board.
– In discussing board appointments, Lara suggested that on the application, verbiage be added reflecting that board consideration will be given precedent to those who have participated on Main Street Committees and/or shown some other interest in the DDA.
– It was recommended that election of officers be postponed until the March meeting, when the new board member could attend.
F. Discussion of Vision/Mission Statements: Nancy shared desire to review and update the vision and mission statements, which were last reviewed and approved May 16, 2013. Vision is the long term, while Mission is usually 1-3 years. Nancy will email the board members information, and all directors are asked to give thought to each/draft suggestions to discuss further at March meeting.
G. City/DDA Agreement: Tara shared a brief recap of the meeting with City Attorney and Finance Director, regarding the need for an Intergovernmental Agreement. Much discussion took place on what City vs. DDA could/should be responsible for moving forward. It was suggested that a meeting be set up with Mayor and Council to discuss this further. Tara will coordinate.
H. Reports: Tara briefly highlighted the staff reports.
I. Other Business: Tara shared an Opportunity Overview for advertising at LakePoint through an offer the CVB has given. For $5,460, DDA could purchase one,:10 second spot, per hour, on 11 scoreboards at LakePoint from March through August. Everyone agreed this was a good opportunity, and asked Tara to follow up with Ellen Archer to begin advertising immediately. Spots could be resold to downtown businesses to offset part of the expense.
– In discussion of CVB, Nancy and Earline suggested that a mixer be held with their board.
– Tara shared with the board that the Bank of America building is officially for sale.

ADJOURN: Next meeting – Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 8:30 AM.

February 2015 Cartersville Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

2015 Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee
February 19, 2015
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dozie Ikwuezunma; Cindy Smith; Tara Currier; Nancy Jackson; and Susan Vesmarovich

January Minutes
Tara asked everyone review the minutes from January.

Updated Permit
As part of the follow up from January meeting, Tara shared the new, half page permit.

Advertising Opportunities
Also as follow up to January meeting, Tara shared the example of the byline that will be included in the April Cartersville City Utility bill. The April byline will promote that applications are now being accepted for the Cartersville Farmer’s Market. Bylines scheduled for June, July and August, will be general promotion of the Market.

Tara also shared that Cartersville City and Bartow County Parks & Recreation Departments have okayed the distribution of flyers through their parks.

Other suggestions of locations to drop off flyers included Boys & Girls Club; Ladd’s; and Tractor Supply. Tara will still contact local schools to see about getting flyers to students as well.

In discussion of flyers, Dozie inquired what they look like. They are not designed yet, so ideas and suggestions are welcome. Perhaps a seed could be included on the flyers, or some other incentive to actually come to the market. Ideas are welcome.

Events During Season
Due to low attendance, no specific dates were set. Suggestions from the January meeting included doing a Zucchini Festival in June; Tomato Festival in July; and a Cooking Demonstration in August. Specific dates can be set at a later time.

Dozie suggested that Cooking Demonstrations be offered more often than one time during the season. He also began explaining how he gets rid of excess produce – by selling directly to restaurants. It was recommended that a Town Hall meeting, with downtown restaurant owners, be held in mid-April to highlight some of the ways restaurants could get involved with the Cartersville Farmer’s Market, and to meet farmers who may be interested in selling items directly to the restaurants. Tara and Dozie will work on coordinating this.

Other Items to Discuss?
Discussion on “Wholesome Wave” took place, and whether or not that would be a good fit for the Market. It is something that should be explored further.

It was suggested that perhaps an incentive of some sort (punch card/raffle drawing, etc.) be offered for shoppers of the Market. Perhaps purchasing something at the market so many days a week, or merely spending so much money, would get an individual entered to win a drawing for a basket full of fresh items from the Market. Tara will reach out to other Farmer’s Market coordinators and try to formulate some ideas/suggestions on how this could be handled.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting, Thursday, March 19, 4 PM. Cartersville Train Depot.

February 2015 Cartersville Bluegrass & Folk Festival Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartersville Bluegrass & Festival Committee
February 9, 2015
Meeting Minutes

Attending: Maureen Kirkland; Dan Kramer; Jamie Henderson; Meghann Humphries; Andy Bowen; Graham Robertson; Lara Jeanneret; Hollie Duncan & Tara Currier

A. Overview of the Event
Tara gave an overview of the history of the event, including Stages/Bands, Kids’ Area, Vendor Area and the 2013/2014 Budget Comparison.

B. Discussion on Timeline/Layout for 2015
Tara shared her idea on how the Festival Zone could be established for the 2015 event. Essentially, the entire area from Main Street, to Church Street, and the railroad to City Hall could be the Festival Zone. The kid’s area closes at 5 PM, and Firehouse Stage could close at 6 PM, which would allow all vendors to begin breakdown at 6 PM. As that occurs, the Festival Zone could be restricted to just the area around the Main Stage (Main Street to Cherokee Avenue.)

Alcohol vendors and 1-2 food vendors would be the only vendors set up in Public Square (next to Main Stage). All other vendors would be in Founder’s Oak Parking Lot (next to fountain), and along Public Square in front of City Hall. This would allow for vendors NOT in Public Square next to Main Stage to begin breakdown of their booths at 6 PM. The alcohol vendor and food vendor(s) near Main Stage would not be permitted to breakdown until the last band concluded around 9 PM.

As far as immediate needs/timeline, Sponsors should be sought soon. Simultaneously, potential bands should be contacted for interest/availability. As soon as sponsorship dollars are secured, contracts could be entered with bands to perform.

In review of last year’s lineup, committee agreed that several should be asked to return, pending availability, to the 2015 event. Other suggestions were offered for additional bands to be added to the 2015 lineup. Everyone liked idea of mixing traditional bluegrass bands with “newgrass”/folk bands on each stage.

Tara will work on a tentative schedule to send to committee for review.

C. Committee Organizational Chart Review
Tara shared a committee organizational chart. Most in attendance at the meeting liked idea of meeting monthly for now, with potential sub committees formed as bands are secured.

D. Other Items to Discuss?
Discussion on t-shirts vs. koozies took place. Tara shared that money has been lost on t-shirts for past 2 years, and posed whether or not koozies would be a nice new addition/alternative. Because alcohol must be served in cups (based on Festival Ordinance), it was determined koozies would not be viable option, but perhaps branded cups could be sold (along with the purchase of a wristband).

Additional ideas for ways to make extra money included a Raffle of some sort. Perhaps a signed guitar, or other item. Tickets could be sold at vendor booths (who were willing) to encourage people to visit vendor booths.

Tara brought up the need/desire to have Program Guides. Many have gone unused the past two years. It was suggested that a smaller amount (maybe 1,000) be purchased. In an effort to further inform festival attendees, and give sponsors recognition, sandwich boards listing the schedule of events/line up, as well as sponsor logos, could be placed throughout the festival.

E. Meetings
Committee liked idea of meeting once per month. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 9, 2015, at 8:30 AM at train depot.

F. Adjourn – Next Meeting: Monday, March 9, 8:30 AM, at the train depot.

February 2015 Promotions Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartersville Downtown Development Authority
Promotions Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday, February 5, 2015

Attending: Jim Ballew, The Olive Branch/DDA Board; Lara Jeanneret, Lara J Designs/DDA Board; Dan Kramer, It’s About Time/DDA Board; Megg Hosea, Lara J Designs; Deborah Ballew, Meg Pie; Tara Currier and Hollie Duncan, DDA

February First Friday:
Hollie shared that only a handful of packages had been sold. The Date Night was a struggle last year, and in fact Catherine Woods, former special events coordinator, was the reason for many of the sells, as her friends and family bought the majority of the packages sold. It was suggested by Deborah that DDA look into the ‘Fall in Love with Downtown Cartersville’ event that used to be held for Valentine’s Day. This event, or something else, should take the place of the package sales for the Feb. First Friday next year.

March First Friday:
Tara shared that Bob Smith has secured a donation of t-shirts from Eagle Rock. Tara and Hollie will go around to ask what restaurants want to participate this year.

2015 Events:
Rack cards listing all the events for the year have arrived. Tara dropped off 750 of the rack cards at LakePoint to be put into the bags for the Valentine’s Day Wine + Chocolate Half Marathon. Posters with all the First Friday events for the year are also complete and ready for distribution.

2015 Bluegrass Festival:
The first committee meeting of the 2015 Bluegrass Festival will be on Monday, Feb. 9th, at 8:30 AM.

Downtown Adventure Coloring Sheets:
Have been delivered to all downtown restaurants willing to accept them.

Annual Banquet:
Invitations are ready to be mailed on Feb. 12. Event will be at Louie’s Café beginning at 5:30 PM.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be Thursday, March 5, 2015, at 8:30 AM.

Adairsville’s African American History


On Thursday, February 26, at 7:00 p.m., Bartow History Museum welcomes guest speaker Ahmed Hall.  In recognition of African American History month, Hall will discuss the life of his great, great grandfather, William Arthur Butler.  Butler moved to Adairsville, Georgia during Reconstruction in the late 1800s and became one of the first black business owners in the area.

Butler was a shoe maker and owned a shoe shop on the Adairsville square.  He also married into the Harris family, who themselves were prominent in the area, with members serving as the first black doctor in the area and helping to build the Noble Hill School.

Born and raised in Adairsville, Mr. Hall has been researching the history of his family and their place in Bartow County history for much of his life.  In addition to researching his family history, Hall is an accomplished musician and has worked with Grammy award winning artists.  Throughout his research, he continues to be amazed at the things he learns about them and the roles they played in the county’s history.  He will tell about his great, great grandfather’s story, as well as, the stories of other family members.

The Evening Lecture will take place at the Bartow History Museum located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  Parking is available next to the building.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members. For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

The Art and History of Cherokee Language Printing



Bartow History Museum



Bartow History Museum welcomes Adam Doskey, curator of rare books at Kennesaw State University, as speaker at the upcoming Lunch & Learn program on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at noon.  Doskey will show items from the Bentley Rare Book Gallery and discuss Cherokee-language printing in the Southeast.

The printing of the Cherokee language began in the 1820s at New Echota, Georgia, near present day Calhoun.  A printing office was established there for the printing of The Cherokee Phoenix, the first Native American newspaper in the country.  The paper was printed until 1834 and allowed Cherokees to read about issues that affected them in their own language.

Doskey will show examples from KSU’s Bentley Rare Book Gallery as he traces the history of Cherokee-language printing in the Southeast from the 1820s to its 21st-century revival in North Carolina. The talk will also highlight the work of Frank Brannon, a letterpress printer and book artist, who has helped revitalized the art of fine printing in the Cherokee language today.

Lunch & Learn will take place on February 18, 2015, at noon, and guests are invited to bring a lunch.  Bartow History Museum is located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members.  For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes from all committees that met in January 2015, including the minutes from the Downtown Development Authority of Cartersville board meeting.

Promotions Committee

Design Committee

DDA/Main Street Board

Rolling Waters Book Talk and Signing





Rolling Waters Book Talk and Signing

On Thursday, January 29, at 7:00 p.m., Bartow History Museum welcomes guest speaker and author, Phyllis Rich Carpenter.  Carpenter wrote Rolling Waters: A Southern Memoir, a true story of tragedy and mystery that spans over 50 years.

In November 1957, two friends, both accomplished sportsmen, headed out on the Etowah River for a day of duck hunting, a ritual repeated thousands of times by hunters everywhere, every season. When they did not return, family, friends, neighbors, National Guard, and other state agencies launched a massive search – an event that became front-page news and put the members of two large, close-knit families on an indefinite hold. Read about the ensuing weeks of mystery, discovery, and trauma – as seen through the eyes of the eleven-year-old daughter of one of the men. Don’t miss her “true definition of closure” which will resonate with survivors, victims and readers alike. Fast forward to present-day, and the mystery takes on new life when the grandsons of one of the men undertake a brand new search and uncover an unexpected treasure. Rolling Waters is an intimate story told candidly, but with heart, love, and above all, hope.  Refreshments will be served, and the author will sign copies of the book after her presentation.

The Evening Lecture will take place at the Bartow History Museum located at 4 E. Church Street in downtown Cartersville.  Parking is available next to the building.  The lecture is free to members and included with the price of admission for not-yet members. For more information on this and other BHM programs, call 770-382-3818, ext. 6286 or visit our website at

Comedy & Beer

Comedy and Beer Poster 020615

Recap of 2014

Downtown Cartersville experienced a great year in 2014! Click here to view the recap of the various events, activities and efforts of the Cartersville Downtown Development Authority in 2014.