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Looking for an opportunity to be a part of your community or a chance to give back. Whether new to Cartersville and Bartow County or a lifelong resident, the Downtown Development Authority has a place for you. Through our committees, special events, festivals and task forces, there are numerous volunteer opportunities. Volunteering does not required any special skills, other than a desire to give back to your community & to be involved. Even if you only have an occasional hour to give every now and then we can use your help. Check out our standing committees for ongoing opportunities and follow our social media postings for special events, festival and task force needs. Get Involved with Downtown Cartersville.

What is Main Street?

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Office of Downtown Development (DCA) is the sponsoring organization of the “Better Hometown/Main Street Program”. The DCA administers and provides technical assistance and training to designated communities. Cartersville DDA has adopted the Main Street Program approach to encourage downtown revitalization. The Main Street Program’s success is based on a comprehensive strategy of work, tailored to local needs and opportunities, in four broad areas, called the Main Street Four Point Approach.

The Main Street 4-Point Approach

The Main Street 4-Point Approach is a common-sense method to address the variety of common issues and problems that challenge traditional business districts. This proven framework concentrates Design, Organization, Promotion and Economic Restructuring for communities.


Design means getting the downtown into top physical shape. Capitalizing on assets such as historic buildings and looking at the traditional downtown layout are just part of the story. An inviting atmosphere can be created through window displays, greenspaces, parking areas, signage, sidewalks, street lights and landscaping; good design conveys a visual message about what Main Street is and what it has to offer.


Promotion means selling the image and promise of Main Street to all prospects. By marketing the district’s unique characteristics through advertising, retail promotional activities, special events, and marketing campaigns an effective promotion strategy forges a positive image to shoppers, investors, new businesses and visitors.


Organization means getting everyone working towards common goals. The common-sense formula of a volunteer-driven program and an organizational structure of board and committees assisting


Economic Restructuring means finding new or better purposes for Main Street enterprises. Helping existing downtown businesses expand and recruiting new ones, a successful Main Street converts unused space into productive property and sharpens the competitiveness of its businesses.

Additional Information
For more information on the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Downtown Development Authorities or Main Street Program, check out these web sites:


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